Computerized Bible Study

In a couple of weeks—on Saturday August 25th 6:00 pm—we will be having a special class to show a few features of computerized Bible Study. As part of my program at Shiloh University I am using Logos Bible Software for my studies. As many people have the same software but have never taken the class, we decided to take one evening to teach a few of the techniques that will help people use their computers for their studies of the Bible. We will even show how to use some of the other Logos resources.

Here you can read a short description of the class from Shiloh University:

“The goal of this course is to provide the student with in-depth training in computerized Bible study, including terminology, techniques, and exegetical research skills. A major focus of the course will be to teach how to perform sophisticated biblical research using Logos Bible Software. This course will equip the student for ongoing study of the Scriptures and for exegetical research required in future biblical studies courses.”

For information about this event you can contact us or check our website.

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