Financial Peace University Classes by Matt and Gesen King

Financial Peace University, FPU, is a 9-week class that teaches how to handle finances responsibly and in alignment to God’s word. There are biblical principles which can be applied to finances to please our Heavenly Father and significantly reduce our financial stress. Each class builds upon the previous to simplify the financial world and help people gain control of their finances.
Matt and his wife, Gesen,  were blessed to go through this class prior to getting married a little over 2 years ago. Matt had $44,000 in student loan debt and $8,000 in dental expenses, which totaled $52,000 in debt when they began learning the principles from FPU. One year before they got married, Matt heard Dave Ramsey on the radio and started to get excited about taking control of his finances. Because he made a plan, got on a strict budget, and sold a lot of his belongings, he was able to cash flow his final year of college tuition costs, pay off his dental expenses, and pay down his student loans to $19,000! During that year his debt free fiancé was diligently saving money to help pay for their wedding with hopes of having enough to pay off the rest of his debt after their honeymoon. Their joint efforts brought them close to their goal, but the overwhelming love and support from their family and friends launched them across the finish line and allowed them to start their lives together debt free. Instead of getting lots of items on a registry they got a fresh start! Now two years later, they have a plan for the money God has given them to manage. they talk and pray about their finances and openly discuss their wants and needs at least twice a month thanks to the knowledge and understanding they gained from taking FPU together.
Matt and Gesen will be teaching this 9-week class every Monday at 7 PM from September 18 to November 13. If you are interested in attending the class, please contact  Matt King at (808) 330-1794 or go to to register. They look forward to providing an atmosphere where you can learn how to happen to your money, instead of letting your money happen to you.