Back to the Roots – The Gospel of Mark

This week we will start the Gospel of Mark in our Back to the Roots series of the New Testament study. As we study each of the books of the New Testament, we want to identify the differences in each of the gospels, and the purposes for each one of the books. For instance, each one of the letters was written to address different needs in each specific church. Each one of the gospels was also written to address a different audience.

In the Back to the Roots series of New Testament study, we read the Bible with historical, social, and cultural context information. This helps us to understand the people that were being addressed by each book, the needs that they had, the circumstances they were facing, and what the message’s application really is for us today.

Here are some of the books we are using for our studies:

• The Real Kosher Jesus – Michael L. Brown
• The Parables, Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation – Brad H. Young
• Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus – Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg
• Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus – David Bivin and Roy Blizzard
• What Every Christian Needs to Know About The Jewishness of Jesus – Rabbi Evan Moffic
• The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus – Nehemia Gordon
• The Naming of Jesus in Hebrew Matthew – Nehemia Gordon

Our Bible Study happens every Wednesday @ 7:00 PM