The Answer Is Outside Your/Our Walls

Abundance begins when you use what you have –  1 Kings 17:8-12

The widow was living during a time of famine, ready to eat her last meal and die. The prophet spoke to her to find empty vessels. In other words, find the use of your anointing! Use your anointing! Use your gifts! Your anointing and your gifts are not there to feed you, they were entrusted to you so that you could feed others.

When you stay within your walls you will never know the abundance that is out there – 2 Kings  7:3-4

During the siege of Samaria there was a famine in the city, people were dying of starvation and the prophet spoke the word of abundance. The lepers were cast out, they did not belong in the city, and did not belong with the enemies, but they decided to step out and they found the answer for the promised abundance.

We ask for bread to feed others – Luke 11:4-8

When we pray for bread, we are praying so that we can feed the ones around us that are hungry. We are blessed by giving to others what we have freely received. Sometimes we will exercise our persistence in prayer, not because of what we need, but because of the needs of those that come to us.