Maui Wild Fires

First of all, I want to thank you all for the messages, prayers, and thoughts. We have been through a lot in Maui these last few days. Even though we feel very thankful for the prayers and the protection we have been provided, we are brokenhearted witnessing the devastation of this incredible and beautiful land, and our thoughts and prayers are with the people who have lost everything, their loved ones, their jobs, and their homes.

Maui is a land of incredible diversity, there are several different micro-climates and weather patterns constantly changing even on what may be perceived as a small island. In one area it will be dry and in another it may be pouring rain. We feel incredibly blessed to have been spared from the disaster in our corner of Kula. Some areas continue to look like paradise while in Lahaina there is absolute destruction that looks like a movie about the end of the world. In this time of need, it is our ultimate joy and happiness to be able to use our blessings to aid the people displaced by the Lahaina wildfires. It will take many years before we are able to fully comprehend how much has been lost for the people of Maui in just a few days during this summer.

We have been partnering with Hungry Heroes Hawai’i ( ) for over a year, and since the disaster, they have begun using the kitchen daily to prepare over 300 meals for the unhoused people on Maui island and for the people displaced due to the devastation caused by the wildfires. If you would like to volunteer your time or donate food, please contact them via their website or their Instagram @hhhmaui.

The kitchen at Anuhea Chapel is being used to prepare free meals for those who have been affected by the dramatic events that have overwhelmed the whole community. There is a growing need for help, and it will probably go on for months, and even years as we rebuild and replace the jobs and houses that have been lost.

We all appreciate your support and prayers as we continue to work together to provide the help our community needs. Sometimes all we can do to help seems small compared to all the needs out there, but every thought, prayer, and meal will make a difference.

There is a simple story that we learn from Jesus teaching his disciples. At one point there was a great multitude, hungry and in need of help, but the disciples had nothing to solve the problem. It was the simple and small provision of a young boy’s lunch box that was used to provide for all the needed ones (John 6:5-10). Give what you have, your time, your money, your food, and make a miracle happen. We all can be miracle workers if we work together and share what we have.